Sergio Antolini

Our future strength comes from a great family past.

It is a great honour to be Chairman of Paglierani, a company successful since 1926.

My duty and commitment is to ensure the continuity of the company philosophy, my legacy from the founders Fernando Paglierani and Primo Antolini, or in other words my grandfather and father. Every day, efficiency and performance will be applied to achieve quality and value.

… and more!

I will ensure and guarantee that todays important topics such as code of ethics, sustainability and innovation will to be maintained and improved.

What not seems a simple task has become easy with the common understanding from my brother Alberto, my niece and nephew Annalisa and Andrea, and my sons Luca and Matteo, and all the staff who bring their skills to devote every day to reach that “goal”.

We will continue investments to guarantee high productivity and superlative quality all based on the Italian Made philosophy where artistic flair, style and design are recognized worldwide.

Paglierani, enjoy!

Over 22 Mil Euros
in R&D, technologies
and infrastructure

supreme efficiency

Single Partner
in the World

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