Primo Antolini

At Paglierani we have been building the future everyday, since 1926 and the market continues to reward our efforts.

The success of our company is the result of our founder’s philosophy: always provide maximum efficiency and quality for satisfied customers, ready to return.

In short, always look farther ahead than the competitors.
We have never abandoned this credo and it has led us to be a world leader in the industry.

Today, the reliability of our products and services is highly recognised worldwide.
At Paglierani we invest in advanced technology and infrastructures.
More than 20 million euros invested over the last 5 years.

In order to deserve the leading role that the world market has cut out for us we count on research, on the strength of our know-how, on our long experience in designing and building customized solutions, on the excellent quality of the components we use.

We do so well aware that industrial development must maintain an ethical respect for the environment and for mankind.

Choosing Paglierani not only means choosing efficient, reliable machines, but also a world
of values to be shared.

The same values that have been making the difference, day after day, since 1926.

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A Message from the Chairman

My time is up!
I joined the company in 1960, when my father-in-law Fernando Paglierani asked me to assist him in running the business.

..... And so Paglierani, founded in 1926, has continued: the Paglierani which I have taken care of for no less than 58 years, first with Fernando and then with my sons Alberto and Sergio.

During my time with the company I have studied every detail of its daily life, what goes on in the offices or production departments, building on the positives and working to overcome the negatives.

Always, in even the toughest situations, I have tried to look on the bright side,
and find a goal to aim for.

I have never attacked or made fun of anyone; I have always tried to understand the reasons for people's behaviour, convinced that once we know ourselves, the road is open to change or improvement.

I have wonderful memories.

So many dear memories of the staff and customers who have helped us to grow our firm to its current importance.

A fond farewell, and a warm embrace.

Primo Antolini

..... it is in response to the letter from my father, then our Chairman and now our Honorary Chairman,
that I accept the appointment of Chairman, with the task and duty of working
with my brother Alberto, my niece and nephew Annalisa and Andrea, and my sons Luca and Matteo,
to ensure the growth of our business, which does not just mean expansion on the markets but also implies research and development,
occupational health and safety, and everything else relevant to the conservation of our planet.

Sergio Antolini

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