Paglierani means certified reliability.
With great benefits for your business.

Quality of output is in Paglierani’s DNA.

Ever since 1943, complying with Italy’s first Weights and Measures Decree, Paglierani has applied the Legal Metrology standards to its weighing machines.

Continual production to the highest quality standards has gained Paglierani Quality Assurance System Certification under the latest European Directives.

The weighing systems Paglierani designs and produces have EU Type Approval Certification, cmeaning they provide the required level of protection against the risks intrinsic to the devices themselves and their use.

What’s more, Paglierani certified weighing systems include ECUs with ever-higher performance (up to 6,000 certified weight divisions, with infinitely small weight value discrimination).

The technological future Paglierani already applies in its certified systems not only guarantees the high quality level applied but also delivers substantial savings for the end user.

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