Paglierani weighing, bagging and packaging lines for rice.

Paglierani is world leader in the production of automatic lines including weighing machines, bagging machines, packaging machines, palletisation and loading directly on to trucks, for all types of rice: white rice, red rice and black rice.
In its three subspecies: Indica, Javanica and Japonica.

For both bulk and bagged rice.

Paglierani is able to meet all rice packaging and bagging needs, from the small 500 g bag to the big-bag, and the most commonly used bag sizes of 1, 2, 5, 10, 25 and 50 kg.

Paglierani know-how, from land to table:

1. With Bonifiche Ferraresi, a farming estate and Italy’s biggest landowner, Paglierani knows farmers’ needs in depth.

2. Paglierani knows production processes in depth because it is closely associated with Ocrim S.p.A., world process leader.

3. Paglierani has more than 100 years of expertise in the rice-growing sector, acquired globally, in all the major rice producing countries.

As well as rice grains, Paglierani has vast experience in the production of automatic machines for bagging cereals and grains of all kinds.

What’s more, Paglierani is the world’s chief producer of plants for weighing, bagging and packaging cereal flour, pulse flour, and more.

Paglierani. The experience that transforms grains into gold.




Integrated bagging systems

Big bag fillers




Lorry loading

of bulk

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