Weighing and bagging machines and complete lines for coffee beans.

Machines and lines for weighing and bagging coffee beans: Paglierani has been building success for the coffee industry for 90 years.

From weight control weighing inside the ship unloader or on receipt of the bulk coffee to process control, through to complete lines for weighing, bagging, palletising, wrapping and handling bagged coffee.
Even with a big-bag filling line.

Every machine or line designed and built by Paglierani generates economic benefits, meaning competitive advantages, for the far-sighted coffee entrepreneurs who install it.

Paglierani’s worldwide references guarantee its capabilities.

Paglierani’s success is based on its Savoir-Faire.
This has made the Paglierani Brand world leader in the design, production and sale of coffee bean weighing and bagging lines and machines. For more than 20 years.


Combined weighing and bagging


bagging systems

Big bag fillers




Lorry loading

of bulk

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