Telescopic loaders for loading bulk products onto trucks and into tanks.

Paglierani telescopic loaders simplify the loading of bulk products (in powders and granules) onto trucks and into tanks where dry products are handled in bulk: from milling to animal feed production, from concrete to chemicals and petrochemicals, from sugar to cereals and plastics.

Sometimes also referred to as telescopic unloaders, they are designed to minimise labour requirements and to guarantee excellent performance and a clean environment with complete safety and high speeds.

Choosing Paglierani telescopic loaders means choosing top performance.

Here are some good reasons for choosing Paglierani telescopic loaders:

They operate safely and keep premises clean.

Easy to use and labour-saving.

Strong and suitable for aggressive environments.

Efficient and reliable.

Compliant with the international safety standards.

Italian Made design and development.

Paglierani designs, builds and assembles in their own facilities, in Italy, using 100% Italian Savoir-Faire.
A technical office continuously dedicated to R&D; robotized machining departments; CNC work centers; sanding and painting, electric division; and, the most efficient Italian customer service available anywhere, all over the world.

Here are some Paglierani products for your business needs, for loading bulk products onto trucks and into tanks.

Telescopic loader
for tanks

Telescopic loader
for loading bulk products in tanks.

Telescopic loader
for trucks

Telescopic loader
for loading bulk products onto trucks.

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