Paglierani on-line Service.
Fewer down-times, greater savings.

The benefits of the Paglierani on-line Service in a nutshell: remote service with no need to wait for an engineer to arrive.

Paglierani remote service identifies the cause of problems at a distance, so malfunctions can be remedied fast, with no need to organise expensive visits by engineers to deal with the problem.

When a service request comes in, the Paglierani on-line Service logs on, by means of a server, to the device installed on the customer’s control panel, to check the status of the programs (PLC, HMI), make any changes and solve any problems.

And this means lower machine down-time costs and lower repair costs.

What’s more, our lines can be fitted with endoscopic cameras for real-time monitoring of operation of your plant.

Making everything even easier.

With Paglierani on-line service the solution is always to hand. Whether through the eyes of your technicians or the cameras installed.

The Paglierani on-line Service delivers major savings.

Perfectly in line with the Paglierani corporate philosophy and your budget targets.

All the customer has to do is let us connect to the company telephone line (or a dedicated company line).
We don’t even need skilled technicians on site.

All you need is broadband. With the encrypting system developed by the Paglierani engineers, every measure takes effect at once, with complete safety.

Day here and night there? Or the other way round?
It doesn’t matter, whatever the situation the on-line Service system will always be fully operational.

At any time.
So customers are never left with unresolved problems. After all, we’re Paglierani.

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