Service How To Operate.
Simple, efficient and time-saving.

The Paglierani engineering applied to its processing lines is designed to make life easier for the technicians who are to use them.

But for Paglierani, that’s not enough.

To maximise the performances of the technical staff who will be working with these machines, Paglierani has come up with an “on the job” training course held at its plants, even before delivery.

So even before the Paglierani machines or complete lines go into service at your location, your technical staff will already know how to use and maintain them to the highest standards.

Service How To Operate.
You’ll have your own, in-house, Paglierani qualified technician.

Send one of your technicians to us. He will be our guest. In about a month, he will specialise in the Paglierani machines you’ve purchased, even before they are delivered.

He will be trained and skilled by our very own engineers.

Paglierani stands for real value, quality and full customer satisfaction. And this guarantee is guaranteed.

Paglierani Service How to operate.

To give you a qualified Paglierani expert
on site at all times
To make your business
more independent
To prevent machine slowdowns
and stoppages
To guarantee you skilled knowledge
of your Paglierani line
To enable your technician
to get to know the Paglierani world
And this guarantee
is guaranteed

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