Automatic packaging machines, all the Paglierani solutions.

Paglierani packaging systems offer a wide range of solutions for filling various types of bags and products.

The packaging machines for solid products (powder, granules, pellets or flakes), whether foodstuffs or mineral in origin, offer a wide selection of functions including dosing, weighing, sealing and labelling.

All using a compact, sturdy and economical packaging system.

Paglierani automatic packaging machines offer the perfect balance between function and practicality with the advantage of efficiency.

Here are several good reasons for selecting them:

Experience in the industry.

Paglierani packaging machines come with over 30 years of experience and are backed by more than 800 installations in 41 countries, worldwide.

Efficient and reliable.

Compact and sturdy.

On-line service assistance.

Compliant with international safety regulations.

Used together, they create a complete line.

Paglierani designs and builds complete lines.
Thanks to this know-how and experience, every single packing machine can be easily integrated into a production line.

Italian Made design and development.

Paglierani designs, builds and assembles in their own facilities, in Italy, using 100% Italian Savoir-Faire.
A technical office continuously dedicated to R&D; robotized machining departments; CNC work centers; sanding and painting, electric division; and, the most efficient Italian customer service available anywhere, all over the world.

Here are a few Paglierani proposals for your business needs
in packaging with preformed bags and reels of plastic material.

DA series
Packaging machine

For preformed paper bags from 500 g to 5 kg.

VT 400 VFFS series
Packaging machine

VT400 series
Packaging machine which uses reels of plastic material for packages from 250 g to 10 kg.

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Packaging in preformed bags

Packaging starting from reels of plastic material

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