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CP 812 – Weight monitor

This application is able to provide an impressive degree of precision in weight control procedures (+/- 0.1% on full scale)

  • Conveyor belt driven by geared motor;
  • VSDS (speed variator) electronic system for synchronisation of output rate with weight monitoring system;
  • weight monitoring system with four load cells;
  • visual and acoustic alarm for non-conforming bags;
  • remote connection for bag rejecter.

Technical data

Technical data

Operator panel


The operator panel is equipped with alphanumeric display and keyboard for setting the working parameters. It allows memorisation of nine different sizes and the real-time availability of information such as:

  • hourly output (bags/hour)
  • bag counter (incremental)
  • average weight
  • list of the last thirty weight measurements
  • total number of OK bags
  • total number of -- bags (for rejection)
  • total number of ++ bags (for rejection)
  • total number of - bags (falling weight trend)
  • total number of + bags (rising weight trend).

The optional printer is able to provide:

  • date and time
  • average weight
  • output b/h
  • number of bags
  • list of last 20 bags.

RS 232 serial output (optional).



Dimensions in mm

In-line quality control system

MD 2002 Metal detector - CP 812 Weight monitor - RJCT 368/10 Bag rejecter.

Automatic, constant, assured control of all production process stages.


This system is specially designed to carry out meticulous quality control and assure uniform output.
It guarantees the absence of metallic foreign bodies (magnetic and non-magnetic) inside bags (rejecting those which do not conform). What’s more, it allows weighing operations to be performed with top precision, and provides direct generation of production reports.


There are no installation problems. The system is located in-line, downstream of the bagging system.

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