Biofuel Pellets.
Weighing, bagging and palletisation lines for wood, olive pomace, straw, sunflower husk, etc. pellets.

Responding to the growing demand for fuels worldwide, Paglierani has developed a series of pellet weighing, bagging and palletising machines that meet all producers’ packaging needs.

A large number of biofuels can be processed: wood (beech, chestnut, spruce, conifer and oak) pellets, sunflower husk pellets, straw pellets, olive pit and pomace pellets, and woodchips.

With Paglierani, pellet entrepreneurs gain access to a complete, specific range, the Savoir-Faire that comes from more than 10 years in the industry and outstanding quality of design and manufacturing, confirmed by countless references all over the world.

Weighing, bagging, (for valve, open-mouth and form-fill-seal bags or big bags), palletisation, and full pallet wrapping and hooding.

In short, Paglierani makes a major contribution to the success of forward-looking pellet industry businesses.

Integrated bagging, palletising and hooding systems.



bagging systems

Big bag fillers





of bulk

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